On S***holes & Immigrants

Trump supporters have a point regarding some of the places Donald Trump allegedly referred to as "s***holes." But there is a larger issue at play than just one word: how we treat people who simply want the same life we have.

The Pros & Cons of Oprah

There are pros to an Oprah candidacy, including the fact that she might be a champion of things the left cares about, but that she might also have cross-over appeal. But there's a big con to her candidacy, one in which Donald Trump clearly has her beat. Discussion on the pros and cons of Oprah running, as well as a warning to the left about not trying to out-Trump Trump!

Is Russia Behind The Trump Leaks?

Donald Trump's presidency has been battered by relentless leaks over the Russia scandal? Could Russia, itself, be the source of the leaks? In this episode of Jason Griffin Radio, four reasons why it would make sense for Russia to be involved. 

Have We Lost the Power to Persuade?

Ann Coulter's Berkeley speech cancelled due to threats of violence. Trump supporters refusing to believe negative stories about the president. America is more polarized than ever and both sides refuse to listen to the other. Is the real reason because we've lost the ability to persuade others?

North Korea, Syria, and Our New Dark Times

With developments in Syria and now North Korea, we've gone backwards into a dark period like the Cold War, maybe even worse. Will Donald Trump pull us back from the brink? Does he have the ability?

Trump Wiretap Claims: Dems Shouldn't Be So Quick To Dismiss & Republicans Be Careful What You Wish For

In this latest episode of Jason Griffin Radio, Democrats and anti-Trump supporters maybe shouldn't be so quick to dismiss claims that the Obama Administration was conducting surveillance of the Trump campaign. Trump and his supporters, on the other hand, should be careful what they are wishing for.

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For Milo, Things Ended Quickly

Milo Yiannopoulos had everything going for him: an editing job at a prominent website, a $250,000 book deal, a speaking slot at the conservative CPAC convention, TV interviews and college lectures. Then one day, thanks to a past video resurfacing, it was gone. On this episode, we discuss where Milo goes from here and the dangers of having your entire brand be based on provocation. 

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Sober-Minded Trump Coverage, Facebook's Fake News Fight, The Automation Threat & 2017 Resolutions

Our first show of 2017! Why the media needs to be sober-minded in their Trump coverage, how Facebook will combat fake news and why they're the only organization who can curb it, why automation is the biggest threat to jobs and why we might need a minimum income one day, why social media may be making you unhappy, and the right mindset for your new year's resolutions for 2017.