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Liberals, Don't Vote Oprah Just To Try And Out-Trump Trump

Call it a sign of the times, or a fickle news audience, or a national figure seizing her moment, but a potential Oprah presidential run is captivating the nation.

This is different from (as of this writing) 48 hours ago when this idea was hardly a thought in anyone's mind. 

A few years ago, as recently as 2015 perhaps, I would have told you the idea of a President Winfrey is insane. But, you know, I see the world, uh, differently today.

Amidst all of the crazy chatter about this idea, there was one statement in a U.S. News & World Report article that caught my attention:

"That #Oprah2020 so quickly resonated across the country is a sign of abnormal political times, demonstrating the deep yearning among liberals in America to find a compelling antidote to Trump." 

Ah, yes, now I know what part of this is all about. The quest for a "compelling antidote to Trump."

A word of caution to you, liberal friends: please don't try to out-Trump Trump. 

This doesn't mean I don't think she would be great, or that I don't think you should nominate her, or that I don't think she shouldn't run. I really haven't thought any of those things through, nor do I want to, unless circumstances dictate. 

All I'm saying is please don't use Donald Trump to your litmus test.

And not even because Donald Trump is, well, Donald Trump. I say this because when people try to copy other people it just makes things awful, especially when conservatives and liberals try to copy some kind of success the other is having. 

It used to drive liberals insane that talk radio, outside of NPR and a select few stations in major markets, was the domain of conservatives. So, they wanted their own and launched Air America as an "alternative." It was a disaster. Why? Maybe it's demographics (talk radio audiences skew older), or maybe it's because people want to be a part of something organic, not a contrived gimmick.

Conservatives often get bent out of shape because Hollywood & entertainment is the domain of liberals. This is why if you listen to conservative media, you might occasionally hear of a movie project for conservatives, and your favorite conservative personality try to act excited about it. But even if you're a conservative you'll never watch it. Why? Maybe it's demographics (younger people are more into entertainment), or maybe it's because people want to be a part of something organic, not a contrived gimmick.

Don't get me wrong, there are exceptions. MSNBC has done well in ratings recently by using Fox News's partisan playbook. But any ratings success had by MSNBC has been years in the making, and Fox News still beats them. 

It seems, for good or for ill, that the candidate people are talking about most always seems to be the one that gets elected. Democrats will have to have a compelling, attention grabbing candidate in 2020 that cuts through the noise and commands attention in spite of Donald Trump.

Maybe that's Oprah. Maybe it's somebody else. But Democrats won't get that candidate by trying to beat Trump at his own game. It will have to be a candidate who captivates the nation on his or her own merits. 

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