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Reports: Breitbart Insiders Trying To Push Out Steve Bannon

Good times in conservative media circles tonight. 

CNN is reporting that there is a "hard push" inside of the conservative Breitbart news organization to oust Steve Bannon after he made comments critical of Donald Trump. The comments are to be published as part of the book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, a tell-all book from inside the White House

Funny... if you are a news organization, wouldn't you want to find out if what Steve Bannon said was true BEFORE you considered firing him?

Meanwhile, while everyone in the political world seems to be talking about Bannon's comments and the new book, over at Breitbart, it's pretty much crickets.

Below is a screenshot from just after 9pm Central tonight (1/4/18). According to Breitbart, Hillary must be the big story. If you look closely, you might also see a link to a statement from one of Breitbart's investors on Bannon. No byline other than by "Breitbart Staff."


Good times, indeed. 

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