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On A Serious Note, An Appeal To Help Out Puerto Rico And Others

The NFL and Donald Trump put in quite a show this weekend. Everyone, it seems, was talking about them. It came to a dramatic conclusion Monday night with Jerry Jones and America's team adding to the drama. The whole country has been captivated. I haven't been immune. 

Now that the show is over, let's talk about something serious for a moment: Puerto Rico and the desperate help they need. 

Below the NFL headlines, you'll see that Puerto Rico is in trouble. A picture on the news aggregator Drudge Report sums it up well: written in the middle of a street intersection so that it can be captured by aerial photographers, "S.O.S. Necesitamos Agua / Comida!" ("S.O.S. We need water / food!")

Much of Puerto Rico is without power and may be for a month. Water and food are still scarce. Many people in the mainland United States who have friends and family there have not been able to hear from them since Hurricane Maria struck; the communication infrastructure has practically been obliterated.

Puerto Ricans are Americans and need our help. So, too, do so many others right here in the states and nearby. Many other Caribbean islands have seen massive destruction from the recent hurricanes. Parts of the gulf, including Houston, will be recovering from Harvey for years. The western United States has had a terrible wildfire season. Mexico has been hit by two strong earthquakes. 

No doubt there are numerous ways all individuals can help, whether through their church organizations or established charities across the country. In the Catholic church my family attends, there will be a second collection this Sunday for disaster relief after Cardinal Nicholas DiNardo, Archbishop of Houston-Galveston and president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, appealed to diocese across the country to do so. 

Our lives are busy, and our attention spans are limited, and there will no doubt be other distractions in the news this week and in the weeks ahead. Through it all, please do carve out some time to keep those affected by natural disasters in your thoughts and prayers, and to give some consideration to how you can help out.

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