The Name Of The Trump Administration Is Despair

The Name Of The Trump Administration Is Despair

I have to believe that the day Sean Spicer found out he was going to be Donald Trump's press secretary was a proud day for him.

He was a veteran political communications guy, now being tapped for what should be the highlight of any communications person's career: White House Press Secretary.

I can then only imagine how it felt for him the day after the inauguration, when told to go out and blatantly lie about crowd sizes. His credibility ruined by his dream job.

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Sean Spicer had to have known, on that day, that this is what it looks like when one sells their soul to the devil. Promises of glory and honor and prestige and power, only to be dealt humiliation in real life.

What Spicer got in return for his loyalty was a president who nitpicked his performances to death, who let rumors fly for months that he might be let go, and who added insult to injury by leaving him out of a meeting with Pope Francis, which for a Roman Catholic like Spicer had to have just hurt.

Nobody seems to be immune. Spicer, for all the attention that comes from being a press secretary, was just a staffer. But we see the same behavior now with Trump's attorney general.

Few people have been more loyal to Trump than Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who as a United States Senator was the first to endorse him. Yet Trump, upset by Sessions's recusal in the Russia investigation and the eventual hiring of a special prosecutor, insults him daily and leaves him twisting in the wind. Trump's goal: try to ruin any last shred of credibility Sessions has with the conservative base (he already has none with liberals), force him out of office, and try to beat the Russia scandal that way.

These are the ways in which Donald Trump treats his friends.

I can only imagine the gut wrenching feeling Trump's staff feels every day when they come to work. Certainly, they must face a daily feeling of dread knowing they've made a terrible mistake - that they've killed their credibility with half the country, and now they'll eventually be hung out to dry with everyone else, in humiliating fashion, as soon as doing so suits whatever agenda Trump has at the moment.

We hear rumors daily of turmoil among the highest levels of the Trump team. There are reports that the secretary of state is considering leaving as well.

When is the last time a newly-elected president's secretary of state, or attorney general, didn't make it at least a year?

All of this, and we're only 6 months in.

If there's one word to describe this administration, it's despair. For those of us who knew better, that word sums up how we've felt every day since the election. Every bit of this drama was predictable, was predicted, and we have watched every day with the despair of knowing we'll wake up to it again tomorrow.

Now many of Trump's supporters are feeling it, too.

These are dark times, and this is no way to run a country. This saga can't be over soon enough.

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