A Thank You to Sane Conservatives, and Word of Caution to Liberals, After Roy Moore's Stunning Defeat

I've seen quite a few different takes from the media on what the Alabama election means for Republicans and Democrats moving forward.

The best and most succinct is probably from Matt Drudge, who simply said, "There is a limit," referring to the amount of crazy that voters will put up with. Others seem to take a much broader approach, signaling an end to Steve Bannon's influence on politics, and calling into question whether Republicans can hold a Senate or House majority moving forward. As Axios reported, "The Trump Republican Party, which includes virtually all elected GOP officials and all party leaders, is stuck in an old, white, Christian, male box. If that box can't hold Alabama, it can't be expected to hold anything."

I would caution, however, against thinking that the Republican box won't hold elsewhere, or that Steve Bannon is done for good.

For those of us who have looked on in horror at the political turn this country has taken over the past 2 years, there is much to be hopeful for. The facade that Donald Trump and Steve Bannon can talk their base into doing whatever they want and supporting whomever they want has been broken. There is real political damage that has been done to these two individuals. Now is no time to let off the gas, but rather keep up the pressure.

It's important to keep in mind, however, that Roy Moore, outside of the sex abuse allegations, is still crazy, and that outside of the sex abuse allegations, he would still be the next U.S. Senator from Alabama. In other words, remove the sex abuse allegations, and you have a victorious Roy Moore. Remove the sex abuse allegations, and you have a victorious Steve Bannon.

I believe in making America great again. It's just that to me, it involves restoring decency and a rejection of the mean-spiritedness and hyper-partisanship that has plagued this nation for so long. It will be a real fight to turn it around. Those who perpetrate it the most will not roll over easily, not after a taste of the power it can bring.

But Alabama was a good start. My sincerest thanks everyone, (including many conservatives by virtue of a Jones vote, write-in candidate, or just staying at home) who rejected insanity for a day.

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