A Message To Liberals and Conservatives In The Wake of the Vegas Shooting

It's been a day since I woke up to the news that the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history had taken place in Las Vegas. 59 is the death toll now. 500+ injured. 

Social media was predictable. Thoughts and prayers all around (they aren't enough, by the way), and partisan sniping. 

I know emotions are running high right now, but I want to offer some advice to both my liberal and conservative friends as we move forward.

First, to conservatives, I know you don't want to hear the politics related to gun control. In your minds, the politics should wait. "Now is not the time to push an agenda," you say. I disagree. It was too soon for politics several mass shootings ago. I know guns are a part of your heritage and a way of life, but until we make changes to gun policy that make it harder for a madman to fire off, what I'm only guessing, is thousands of rounds of ammunition in mere minutes, we'll have more of these. All of that was true the last time we had a mass shooting, and here we are again.

Conservatives, if you want to be taken seriously, the time for politics is right now. 

Second, to liberals, if you really want to change gun policy, you'll have to have conservatives on board. When a conservative offers thoughts and prayers, you screaming at them and calling them a hypocrite for taking NRA money won't help move anything forward. I don't know whether the reaction is emotional, or just an opportunity to be mean to a political opponent, but the last time I checked, Republicans control the House, Senate and White House. You won't change gun policy without movement from all three. 

Liberals, if your motives are truly change, you'll work to try to engage the other side. 

This isn't meant to be a Kumbaya, let's-all-get-along piece. It's just political reality. Change is needed in America if we don't want to see these shootings again. Time to find out who's really a leader and who's just making noise. 

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