Tower Rock From Missouri

Met up with my brother and family and we decided to make an unplanned, impromptu trip to see Tower Rock from the Missouri side (his idea, much credit). With family in Grand Tower, Illinois, we've both seen the rock too many times to count from that side of the river, towering in the distance from the other side.

Neither of us had seen it from the Missouri side. If you think Grand Tower, Illinois is off the beaten path, you've seen nothing until you've made the trek to the Tower Rock Nature Area. You can get directions to it here. Assuming those reading this have a general familiarity with the area, the best way to describe its remoteness is to say that it is in Perry County, Missouri, but its still going to take you a good 30 minutes to get to it from the county seat of Perryville. And while you'll only be about a mile from Grand Tower, Illinois, it's nearly an hour and a half drive from there. 

Take a look at the pictures below to get a glimpse of what you'll experience if you make the trip. Of course, the pictures don't do it justice; take the trip and experience it for yourself. I would also encourage you to watch the video below the slide show. Still photos of the rock itself might lead you to believe you can simply wade through the water to get to the rock. The video below the slide show will show you just how quickly the water is moving.

Click on the images below to move through the slide show.

Check out the video below which captures just how quickly the water moves around the west side of Tower Rock.

All in all, while visiting Tower Rock from the Missouri side of the river is certainly going to take some time to get to, it's worth the effort. If you're like me and have only seen the rock from the Illinois side of the river, I think you'll enjoy going off of the beaten path and experiencing it close up from a side you've never seen before.

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