The Donald and Hillary Show Comes To Town

As long as I've been old enough to care, I've been engaged in what's going on with our politics, especially presidential politics. I love it, actually. Debate nights, to me, are like major sporting events. I've literally sat down with nachos and beer and watched these things like they're the Super Bowl.

As far as Donald and Hillary, though, I would rather not accept that these two individuals are my choices. That out of a gazillion well-qualified Republicans, a man as ill-informed, mean-spirited, narcissistic and insecure as Donald Trump was the one that real Republicans picked to be the real nominee. That the alternative to that is someone who feels that transparency and following the law are so beneath her that it would make Richard Nixon blush. I really don't want to be a part of it.

How in the hell am I supposed to watch these debates? Am I supposed to root for one of them? Am I supposed to go in with an open mind and act like I might learn something new?

Shock, reality TV was fun about 12 years ago with Survivor and the like as an occasional guilty pleasure (oh, my, what will happen next???), but you would think that shtick would be worn out by now. Yet for a whole lot of people, the reality show candidate is their guy. Half the country just might apply last decade's fad to this decade's presidency. Holy shit!

What to do to stop it? Vote for the candidate whose party all but rigged the nomination process in her favor and who, deep down in your gut, you know might have got a whole lot of money donated to her personal foundation based upon her entrusted position in the United States government.

I don't want to act like this is normal. I don't want to have idle water cooler chat at the office like this is a legitimate part of a legitimate process where we choose a legitimate leader for our country's future.

They say there are 5 stages of greaving. I'm no longer in denial about how these are the choices we're now faced with, and I'm not going to try to bargain with God about trying to be a better person if he'll just make it go away. But I'm far, far from accepting this as the reality, and until I do, I'm going to be depressed and angry for a long, long time.

Wow, what a shit show.

To My Trump Supporting Friends

Colin Powell, WOW, We Hardly Knew You