Colin Powell, WOW, We Hardly Knew You

The Colon Powell I've always known, way back from when I was a kid and he was running Operation Desert Storm, has been that of the calm, sober general / Secretary of State guiding our nation through some troubling times. 

I guess I always imagined him as a calm, stern-when-he-needed-to-be, but warm-at-the-same-time kind of grandfatherly figure. 

Turns out that's not entirely accurate. In fact, he's kind of opinionated on politics, and certainly likes to share in some gossip. 

Thanks to leaked emails from hackers, we learned that Powell has some pretty tough words for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Just a few of the juicy bits...

So, yeah. Wow! Colin Powell, we hardly knew you! But thank you for some great reading today!

On a serious note, what a great opportunity to see media bias at work. With comments that scorch both Donald and Hillary, it's already very easy to see who's promoting what agenda. Matt Drudge wasn't showcasing Powell's comments against Trump, while MSNBC wasn't headlining what he said about Hillary. Both only featured the headlines that attacked the candidate they don't want to see win!

Screen shot from Drudge Report...

Screen shot from MSNBC taken at nearly the same time...

The only way to fairly cover this story is to point out that Powell went after both candidates. Anyone highlighting his comments against one without noting the other is engaging in pure media bias, plain and simple. With the truth of the story is so easy to see (he went after both strongly), has there ever been a better test than this?

Oh, my, the things we've learned today.

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