The Clinton Health Scare Fallout Goes Beyond Health Worries

It advances a narrative that has hurt her campaign from the beginning.

Hillary Clinton's 9/11 health scare and subsequent revelation that she was diagnosed with pneumonia nearly two full days before she left a 9/11 memorial service in New York has rightfully raised questions about her health.

But to relegate this to simply being a health issue is to ignore a greater reality: the conspiracy theorists have been vindicated.

Since the beginning of her campaign, and before it really, there have been questions about her health. What was with the prism glasses at the Benghazi hearings? What's been with the cough? Has she been needing assistance being held up?

Until Sunday, Hillary and her supporters, including many in the media, had written these questions off as fringe conspiracy theories being put forth by those trying to derail her campaign.

Then, with the release of a single video of an unsteady Clinton having to be assisted into a vehicle, they were all of the sudden vindicated. Donald Trump, Matt Drudge... every single one of them.

For some of us voters, our doubts about Hillary aren't that she isn't capable of running the country. It's that nagging feeling deep down inside that tells us there are dark secrets.

What did she really know about Benghazi? Was she using the State Department for personal gain through the Clinton Foundation? What was she trying to hide with her personal email address and subsequent deletion of emails?

We ask those questions and wonder, "Is there something there?"

Every time there's another revelation through the slow drip of information about her email server, it reinforces that there's something there.

Now with her health, there's something there.

That's also the story here. It isn't just the story about her health. It's the story about an underlying narrative with her campaign that says that we're never getting the full truth.

Now we're left to wonder what will drop next. Common sense tells us there's something there.

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