2016 Election: Who Won The Week? It Was The Alt-Right

America was introduced to the Alt-Right this past week after Hillary Clinton attempted to link Donald Trump to a band of ultra conservatives known as the alt-right. Who the hell are these people? The New York Times defines them as a “community of activists that tend to lurk anonymously in the internet’s dark corners,” who have a “fringe ideology of conspiracies and hate.” Think anti-immigration, white nationalist type of thinking.

So, who wins and who loses?

The losing side will be determined by who gets hurt by this attempted link. Will this hurt Trump’s campaign as a result? Or, will it backfire on Hillary, with people saying this is just one more example of Hillary always looking for some vast right-wing conspiracy. Only time will tell.

The winner is a lot more apparent; it’s the alt-right. They are doing everything they can to capitalize on the publicity. If you haven’t heard of Alex Jones or Milo Yiannopoulos or Breitbart News before this week, you have now. 

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