2016 Election: Clinton’s State Department Fiasco

How disqualified would Hillary Clinton be if this were a normal election year (i.e. Trump not the Republican nominee)? The revelation that half of non-government people who met with her at the State Department were donors to the Clinton Foundation would be particularly damming if she were running against anyone else.

Deep down at their core, the American people know something isn’t right here. They know that normal people would never think that it is okay to house government emails on their own personal server and then leave it up to themselves to decide what the government gets to have back. And why? It’s difficult to look at her situation and not suspect that, looked at as a whole, her emails, along with her daily State Department schedules (which fellow Democrat Barack Obama’s State Department is reluctant to release) would show that you can’t really separate her tenure as Secretary of State from the Clinton Foundation. That is to say, she used her office for her own personal benefit.

But like others have said, there’s smoke, but no fire. And this election year isn’t normal. Trump may call her Crooked Hillary, but her behavior isn’t entirely surprising to those who have watched the Clintons over the years. For many voters, at least they know what they are getting into with Hillary, and it’s better than letting Trump plunge us into the deep unknown.

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