The Culture War Cheap Shot That Abounds Everywhere You Look

I have an interesting observation about the culture wars that I suspect has been going on for quite some time but that has only just now crystallized in my head in regards to what is really going on.

If you take a look at the instances of wrongdoing from one side that are pointed out by the other side, it's likely that it was brought to your attention by "the good side" (or, perhaps more appropriately, "the aggrieved side") rather than someone supporting the offensive behavior.  

The end result is that the aggrieved side would have you believe that many on the other side are behind the offense (necessitating the good side to speak out against it), but, in fact, the actions of the offender have received very little support.

I can speak for nobody other than myself here, but here are some concrete examples from just the past two days.

1) Criticism of Gabby Douglass during the Olympics for not putting her hand over her heart or for how she wears her hair or whatever. I've personally never seen posts of people criticizing her OTHER than those that were shared by Gabby Douglas supporters criticizing the criticism. 

2) Criticism of those defending Ryan Lochte and wondering how this would have been handled if he were black. The coverage that I've read of Ryan Lochte has been quite critical. The only time I saw someone defending him (a white guy arguing with Al Roker on NBC trying to downplay his behavior) it was brought to my attention by someone criticizing this point of view. I've seen no organic posts from someone coming to Ryan Lochte's defense.

3) Criticism of someone saying bad things about a photo of a cop holding his little daughter with a sign that says her dad's life matters. The criticism was that someone posted the photo and said negative things about this cop. I've not seen that criticism. It was brought to my attention in a post that criticized that someone had said something negative about the cop.

The point of all of this is that the culture war, at this point, has become not so much a war of ideas, but a war of pointing out the offenses of various members of the "other side" and trying to paint those actions as being supported by the other side's members. 

This is a war that really isn't anything other than a bunch of large assumptions and cheap shots. 

We criticize Blue Lives Matter by posting incidences of racist cops beating an undeserved suspect, and we criticize Black Lives Matter by posting photos of individual black people burning things down. 

It seems tactics are limited when the reality is the vast majority of people feel that both Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter.

Seems so many of us are devoting way too much energy to the idiotic behavior of a few.

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