Donald Trump: The Monster Both Republicans and Democrats Helped Create

Real fear had gripped everyone as they realize Trump is now easily the frontrunner for the Republican nomination and might possibly become president.

The fear is on full display among GOP ranks after Mitt Romney came out and essentially said that the GOP must do whatever it can to stop him from being the nominee, even if that means a contested convention. 

Democrats, on the surface, are gleeful of the possibility of going against Trump. It will be easy to run against someone they can paint as a misogynist and racist, the thinking goes. But fear is in their ranks, too. After all, the GOP hasn't been able to stop him by bringing up his controversial statements, and Donald Trump will go after the Clintons in ways other politicians won't. 

Both Republicans and Democrats are in their respective positions because they both helped to create this monster.

Republicans laid the groundwork for Trump every time one of their politicians painted undocumented immigrants as criminals and used anti-immigrant fear-mongering to drum up support; Donald is simply doing what they've been doing in more concise language. Republicans created this monster every time they accused liberals of wanting to destroy America at the simple suggestion that we protect civil liberties; now Donald's supporters cheer when he says the military will listen to him when he orders them to illegally torture terror suspects and kill their families. 

Democrats helped create this monster by taking offense at any form of speech that might possibly be able to be twisted into a statement against somebody else. "All lives matter," is apparently offensive because it doesn't specifically support African-Americans by saying, "Black lives matter." Among statements some liberals think will paint Trump as anti-woman are statements like, “They’ll flip their top, and they’ll flip their panties...” from the Howard Stern show back in the 1990s. Crass? Sure. Smoking gun of misogyny? When everything is offensive, nothing is.

And one can't help but notice that yes, both Democrats and Republicans have been asking him for money and support for years.

So here's to both parties. Enjoy the monster you helped create.

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