Melissa Click's Apologies Fall Short; She Needs to Find a Way to Make Things Right

University of Missouri professor Melisssa Click's second video and apology came just as she was trying to apologize for her first video. In the first, she called for "some muscle" to try to keep a journalist from filming in a public space. In the second, she is seen cussing at a police officer and interfering as police tried to remove protesters from the street during the MU homecoming parade. 

Another video. Another bad attempt at an apology. The cycle continues.

The problem with Melissa Click isn't so much that she tried to make her behavior in the first video seem like an isolated incident. Anyone under her circumstances is going to want to say the behavior was isolated; who wouldn't?

The problem is that her apologies always seem to fall short. There's always a reason she acted the way she did. She was trying to protect "children" who were marginalized. The reporters didn't introduce themselves like other reporters so she didn't know who they were. She wasn't trained in crowd control. 

In her mind, her actions are always the result of what someone else did wrong. There can be no admission of guilt without deflecting the blame. 

In both instances, her apologies give an account of someone just trying to help in a chaotic situation. The truth, however, is that she's contributing to the chaos. 

Melissa Click seems like someone who wants to have it both ways. She wants to be a defiant activist. She wants to muscle away outsiders from a public space. She wants to get mad and tell the cops to get their "fucking hands" off of her. Then, when confronted, she wants you to put it in the context of someone else's behavior and move on so she can go back to being Dr. Click, MU professor.

It would be easy to call on her to resign or be fired; I won't. MU has an employment review process in place and it should be followed. Missouri lawmakers need to stop using her as a way to yet back at Black Lives Matter.

But let's not forget where the controversies surrounding Melissa Click started: with her. I'm tired of this distraction ruining the reputation of a great university that acts as the main economic driver of a city I love. It's time to help the university move on. Whatever her next move, I hope she finds a way to do the right thing.

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