Apple Should Fight the Department of Justice All the Way to the Supreme Court

The Department of Justice's attempt to force Apple to create software to unlock the San Bernardino shooter's cell phone is total overreach.

Let's be clear: this is not the government saying, "You have a password. Give it to us." This is the government saying, "You guys are smart enough to create a hack to bypass someone's security. Do it."Just imagine the terrible path we could go down if the government is allowed to get court orders to force people to create things for investigative purposes.

The argument seems to be that since the shooter used an Apple phone and Apple security to keep it private, that Apple has the ability to create the proper software to unlock it and should do it.

So what happens if they win this request? What happens when the next time they want to do something similar the company best equipped to do it didn't even make the product? What happens when it's no longer a company that's best equipped to do it but an individual?

"You know how to pick locks. Pick this one."

"You know how to create an eavesdropping tool. Create one."

It's kind of like a draft, only Congress didn't vote on it, and there's no end game in sight. Everyone gets conscripted by the government and has to act whenever the government says so.

And what happens when the individual fails? Is the failure in and of itself a violation of court order? Does there need to be proof of a good faith effort? Who decides that? Violations of court orders, as you know, result in jail.

Allowing a court order such as this does nothing but invite government abuse. I hope Apple fights it all the way to the Supreme Court.

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