You CAN Still Fight the Good Fight for America

It's the evening of the first day after the loss. I hope you took some time this morning to process the enormity of what just happened. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket, I know, and the terrifying possibility of a Donald Trump presidency is now a terrifying reality.

But the sun did, in fact, come up again this morning. It was actually a pretty nice day.

Lick your wounds, process it, perhaps get blasted with your friends if that's your thing, and blow off some steam. Get it all out of your system.

Then get back out on the streets and focus on making the world a better place.

We’re not the first generation to have the Boogyman come into office. I’ve often wondered what it was like in 1968, in the face of so much social upheaval, for a progressive thinker to watch Richard Nixon win his election in a landslide. It must have felt like a punch in the gut. Now I understand it more than I’ve ever wanted to.

The Silent Majority that elected Nixon, however, didn’t shape our current society nearly as much as the progressives of their time. The free-spirited were still able to come together at Woodstock in 1969. Feminists succeeded in getting Congress to pass the Equal Rights Amendment in 1972, and the anti-war movement got us out of Vietnam in 1973. 

To shape the future, you have to build it, and the Nixon voters who put him into office weren’t so much about doing something as much as they were about saying we’re going too far, too fast.

That was the sentiment then. It’s the sentiment now.

So many of us this past election, on both sides, spent so much energy campaigning against someone that we haven’t spent much time thinking about what we’re for. So many were for Clinton because they were against Trump. So many were for Trump because they were against Clinton.

But the results are in and that chapter in history is closed. Now is the time to redefine what happens next and where we want to go from here. The shape of our future is still left to those who will actually make the effort to shape it.

And I hope that’s what you do.

I hope you’ll take a break on focusing on the politics of personality and focus for a time on the actions that will move our country and world forward. I hope you’ll do it with an open mind and try to include even those who voted in a way you find despicable.

I hope you’ll do it in a way that even includes an open mind about Donald Trump.

I’ve never written about it, but I’ve often wondered about it, when it comes to trying to determine just what the mission, or charge, is of the younger generations of Americans just now rising to prominence in our country.

With our nation and world seemingly more fractured and hate-filled than ever, I think we found it watching those election returns roll in on a Tuesday night.

Our mission, as a generation, is to fix it.

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