How Long Until Someone Just Kills-Off Their TV Newscast?

Such a macabre thought for a media person and professed news junkie, but I want to know how long it will be before a major television station just simply kills off their television newscast.

Surely I can't be the only one who finds these things completely unwatchable. Nothing about them fits with the way we consume media this day in age.

Anchors on television getting paid to weave in and out of stories that other people put together seems completely out of date. Although necessary, I'll admit, on the live television broadcast for transitioning between the stories, that's the entire problem with television news. 

On the Internet, I get presented with story links, and I choose which of those stories I want to read. When I click the links, I have both written word I can scan, and video I can watch, all at my choosing. On television, I have to watch the stories they've chosen for me at their pace, and in the order they want me to see them.

As for the stories themselves, information moves so fast this day in age that it's almost 100% certain that whatever they bring you on the live, televised news is something you've already had the chance to learn about somewhere else. Stick around for the sports and weather? I can get the weather forecast from my weather app, AND check the sports scores I'm interested in, before you're even halfway through a commercial break.

Communities need news organizations, and they need more than one to help them compete. I'm not knocking the local television stations as journalism organizations.

But as a consumer, I simply have no need for the live newscast that comes on at a certain time on my television set, and surely I can't be the only one. 

I really do wonder just how long it will be before some station, somewhere, once considered to be a major player, will just kill off what used to be their bread and butter completely.

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