My F**king Facebook Feed and the Need for More Honest Conversations

My Facebook feed just won't shut the fuck up about this election. I'm fully aware that I'm part of the problem but God, Almighty, is this the way it has to be forever?

I was a Never Trumper, and I'm proud of it, but the liberal fringe has become completely unglued over this thing. I voted for Hillary, too, as part of what I felt was a principled vote-like-it-matters, one-of-these-two-will-be-president stand. But the truth is she totally deserved to lose, and hysterics from the left certainly aren't going to endear anyone to their future cause.

And before you Trumpers reading this cheer what was just written about the liberals, please know that your gloating is just as horrible, that everyone knows your guy actually finished second in the popular vote (perhaps because of his small hands, perhaps as a stand against assholism), and that your win, while satisfying, hasn't made anyone actually respect you more.

We're going through one of those phases where everyone wants to be validated. I get it (I'll refresh analytics on this motherfucker more times than you can count to see how many hits it's received), but my, God, we've turned into babies. I recognize that if you're a liberal, you're grieving over an America you no longer recognize, and that if you're a conservative you've been completely maligned by the media over the years.

How could I not when my Facebook feed won't shut the fuck up about it?

Watching Obama meet with Trump for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised to see two grown ups in the room. Full-of-shit grown ups, perhaps, but grown ups just the same.

"My guy was the grown up, at least," some will respond, refusing to give an inch to the other guy because political disagreements in today's America are cause for dismissal of everything else about the person.

And thus is the state of our conversations today. So goddamned unproductive and so utterly dishonest.

The media is part of the problem, and not because of a lack of objectivity. Truly objective journalism is dead on arrival . It can't uncover any underlying realities because it can only cover what's on the surface. Think of the police protests of the past couple of years. You could cover simply the "police said this, protesters said this," which isn't entirely without purpose, but it takes passion and a worldview to probe the angst that either side feels. 

What is not fine is the media's lack of desire to find the truth. Partisans on both sides latch on to story lines. Realities that don't fit those story lines are discarded, then they promote what they decided as the story line as being the reality everywhere. It's crap.

But our state of affairs is not simply a media problem. Their schtick works because we the people buy it and consume it - it's not Budweiser's fault you have a six-pack of shitty beer in your refrigerator. 

We read only the crap that reinforces our worldview with the full knowledge we're shutting out dissenting opinions. We share things that reinforce our side or tear down the other side, no matter how blown of proportion they are. Surely we know that the swastikas spray painted on the side of buildings aren't indicative of every Trump supporter, or that the looters protesting the election results aren't indicative of everyone who voted against him, yet we readily share it with the primary purpose of painting a negative caricature of the other side. 

Our conversations aren't honest, and are therefore unproductive. That is what has to change. We have to change the media we consume, and we have to change the dialog we have. It's great to have our individual worldviews and to share them with the world, but just as importantly we have to be open to the realities of others and we have to be open to truth.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God."

Peace and blessings. Let's be productive moving forward.

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