The 2016 Campaign Will Teach Us a Lot About Business & Marketing

If you’re a business or marketing person who wants to be better at what you do, watch the 2016 campaign closely. 

As a political junkie, I obsess over politics. Not just the issues and who I agree or disagree with, but the game itself. I like the game. I can disagree with a candidate and still like them just by how they play the game. Politics is fun to watch.

It’s the game itself that will give us a glimpse at what new things are giving people an advantage.

The 2016 campaign is going to teach us a lot about media and where it's heading. There's a lot of buzz out there about how TV ads aren't working. Trump hasn’t spent a dime and he’s leading Republican polls. Jeb has spent a bunch of money and very much isn’t. How does this all play out?

We’re going to learn a lot about brands. Every candidate has a personal brand. Watch how those brands shape the decisions that voters make.

We’re going to learn a lot about getting people to take action. We’re going to learn a lot about how good organizations win and bad organizations fail.

At the end of the day, campaigns can offer short-timeline narratives on how one can go from relative obscurity to the most powerful person in the world. You don't have to like the game of politics, but you should become a student of it. You'll be better at what you do because you did. 

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