The Internet's Best Clinton Email Summary And The Story's Real Bottom Line

If you've been following the Hillary Clinton email story, you know the story has a lot of twists and turns. Depending on what set of partisan lenses you're wearing likely says a lot about whether or not you think she broke the law.

Josh Voorhees at Slate has one if the best summaries of the whole debacle on the Internet. He gives a timeline, and clearly explains how Hillary Clinton may have operated inside the law, or outside the law, or may have found a nice grey area.

Click here to read his complete timeline and summary of the Clinton email story. Note that updates are planned as they become available.

To me, the most important takeaway from his summary is this: that whether or not she violated the letter of the law, or whether or not she winds up having mishandled classified information, "she went out of her way to create a system that gave her unprecedented control over what could become public."

Whether this disqualifies her from being president is a personal decision every voter will get to make. Whether you are in favor of Hillary Clinton or against her, this much is clear: if you want an transparent presidential administration running American government, Hillary's track record says you'll get anything but that.

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