The End Of Fossil Fuels And Today's New Pioneers

Can you imagine a future without fossil fuels in either your home, or in your transportation?

Today's big thinkers aren't simply pondering the idea anymore, but taking real steps to make it happen someday.

Tesla, the company made famous for their luxury, all-electric car, recently made big news by announcing a battery to power your home using the same technology. 

Why is that a game changer? Because unless you can store energy, solar and wind power are only useful when either the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. And although batteries are available, if you can't afford them, you have to stay connected to the grid, plain and simple. Tesla hopes to change that by making their Powerwall battery available at an affordable price.

Then there's the game-changing quest to fly an airplane around the world using nothing but solar power. 

Sure, it moves slow, and it can only hold one person, but if we can get an airplane around the world on nothing but solar power, what else can we do?

One of the most exciting things to ponder as new and improved technologies are put into use and made more efficient isn't just how we can imagine their most immediate future use, but how they might be put to use in unexpected ways. 

It would have been tough to imagine all of the electronic advances made after the discovery of electricity or the invention of the lightbulb, or the Internet connectivity we benefit from today as a result of the invention of the telephone.

Yet here we are today, benefitting from amazing discoveries made far back in the past. It very well could be that future historians are looking back at today's pioneers with the same enthusiasm. 

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