What's Your Long, Long Range Plan?

Warren Buffett knows who he thinks his successor is, and although he hasn't named the person as of this writing, it's clear that Buffett's vision for Berkshire Hathaway extends long after he'll be gone.

It's this type of thinking that sets top leaders apart from the rest. 

While many of us have been asked in professional conversations where we see ourselves in he next 5 years, top leaders are thinking way beyond that. 

In his 2014 letter to shareholders, Warren Buffett lays out his vision for Berkshire Hathaway for the next 50 years. He doesn't know all of the details, but he has an overall vision for where the company should be and the principles to follow to get them there. (Read it for yourself on Page 34 of his letter).

Another example is Google. Their plan makes 50 years seem short term. With a goal of indexing all of the world's information, they estimate it will take about 300 years to to that.

Where would you like to see your life-work far in the future? What's your big goal and what principles will you put in place to help it become a reality? There's no better way to make it a reality than to define it and start planning for it today.

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