Have Fun Talking About Your Craft

Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee can be called a lot of things.

Entertaining - it's hilarious.

Groundbreaking - here's a guy producing a program everyone is talking about, and it's solely for the Internet.

Hip - what's more hip than people getting together for coffee in trendy urban environments?

How about adding this word to the list: inspiring.

The great thing about Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is that it's so much more than Jerry Seinfeld, a comedian, getting together with other comedians, and talking about careers and comedy. It's a passionate discussion about the craft, and you're along for the ride.

To say the show is funny is an understatement, but it often goes beyond funny and talks about funny. When the conversations steer towards what makes good comedy and bad comedy, or what a perfect bit looks like, they are talked about with such passion and enthusiasm that it draws you in and makes you feel like an industry insider.

So often when you watch the show, there's nothing you would rather be doing than participating in that conversation with them, going to work in that industry yourself and striving to create something amazing.

The show is a great reminder of how much more fun business is when you are around people who are passionate about it. 

  • Car dealers that are the most fun to talk to are the ones that love cars
  • Graphic designers that are the most fun to talk to are the ones who love art
  • Accountants that are the most fun to talk to are the ones who love to talk about accounting

And those are the people you want to do business with.

Going beyond simply how employees perceive and talk about their specific company, it is a key responsibility of a business's leadership to set the tone for how passionate they are for their industry and craft as a whole. Starting, participating in and encouraging passionate, fun conversations about "the biz" are sure-fire ways to draw your employees in and get them engaged in the business in ways they've never been before.

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