Thoughts And Prayers Aren't Enough

Somehow, a very large segment of the population has gotten it into their heads that any limits on the types or quantities of guns or ammunition, or how quickly they can be purchased, is an affront to their way of life. So more mass shootings happen, more thoughts and prayers get offered, and nothing more gets done. Read more.


Pope Francis's TED Talk
From TED, His Holiness Pope Francis on the need for more equality, solidarity and tenderness in our world. Read and watch here.

The Dangers of Complete Certainty
From the New York Times, columnist Bret Stephens on the danger of scientists feeling so certain they have climate change all figured out. Read more.

Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Importance of Science
The famed scientist on with what he considers some of his most important words ever spoken. Read and watch here. 

Is Religious Freedom Declining?
According to The Economist, in many countries, the answer is yes. Read more.

Just How Much Have Drug Overdoses Increased?
This New York Times piece let's you predict just how much drug overdoses have increased in the United States. I predicted 100%. I was wrong. Read more.

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